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What causes septic system breakdowns?

Various factors can lead to the malfunctioning of a septic system. Below are some prevalent reasons and preventive measures to ensure the longevity of your system: · Absence of an Outlet Tee: Critical to a septic system's health, the outlet tee prevents the scum layer from entering the leach field, safeguarding the system’s most costly part. A damaged outlet tee can result in leach field failure in a short period. In concrete tanks, a baffle serves a similar purpose but can erode over time, making regular checks vital for system integrity.

· Faucet or Toilet Leaks: Seemingly minor leaks can inundate a septic system, exceeding its processing capacity and leading to leach field failure. Addressing these leaks promptly is essential to prevent system overload.

· Root Intrusion: Tree and shrub roots can obstruct and damage septic components, causing backups and potential system failure. Strategic planting and possibly using root killers can mitigate this issue.

· Soil Compaction: Driving or placing heavy objects on a leach field compacts the soil, impeding the system’s functioning. Avoiding such pressure on the leach field is necessary to maintain its efficiency.

· Over-Irrigation: Excessive watering can saturate the leach field, leading to malfunction. It's important to balance landscaping needs with the system’s capacity.

· Cracks and Wear in Tanks: Root pressure or gas-induced erosion can crack septic tanks, compromising the system. Opting for poly tanks, which are more resilient to such damage, can be a wise choice.

· Line Settlement: Over time or due to improper installation, pipes can sag, causing blockages. A camera inspection can identify and assess the severity of such issues.

· Pump Failures: Regular pump maintenance is crucial for pressure dosed systems. A malfunctioning pump can lead to system overload, often fixable by adjusting or replacing float switches or addressing electrical issues.

· Water Softener Discharge: The additional water and potentially harmful substances from water softeners can strain or harm a septic system. Alternatives like French drains can divert this discharge away from the system.

· Clogged Effluent Filters: Outlet tee filters are effective but can clog without regular cleaning, causing backups. Annual cleaning is recommended to prevent this.

For assistance with septic system concerns, our team is ready to help. Give us a call at 720-289-9736 so we can offer our expertise to diagnose and resolve your septic challenges.

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