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Use Permit Inspection

$250.00 + application fee

Use Permit Inspection for a home sale or change in use.


When you sell a home with a septic system or if you are planning to make changes to the property (adding bedrooms or structures), you must get a Use Permit from the health department, stating that the system is functional and up to code. 

We can help you determine if you need to obtain a Use Permit, perform the inspection and work with the health department on your behalf to file all the necessary paperwork.


Each county has a different process and price when applying for a Use Permit. Once the inspection is completed and the application submitted to the county please allow 5 business days for the application results to return. 

Application Fees
Adams County $85.00
Arapahoe County $85.00

Douglas County $86.86

Elbert County $105.00

Jefferson County $102.00


Since this can be time sensitive, please fill out our Property Information Form to get a jump start. 

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