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A Legacy of Service

The Todd family has been in the septic industry since 1945, long before county codes and three years before the excavator was invented! 

John Todd Sr. was a military man and family man who started his business, John Todd Sanitary, by reading how to install septic systems at the library and then digging by hand. 


His legacy has been passed down through his son, Jack Todd who has worked tirelessly to ensure the continuation of his father's company and memory. All of Jack's children have participated in the family business making this a three-generation story. 


The Todd family has owned many businesses over the years, and Josiah Todd has worked for them all, doing everything from landscaping and snow removal to foundation grading. He has spent the last ten years working with his family in the septic industry and is now continuing the tradition of entrepreneurship. He is very happy to continue to restore and maintain the systems his father and grandfather have installed, with a deep commitment to the evolution of the industry and the protection of the environment.

When septic systems are properly cared for, they are the most eco-friendly way to treat wastewater. This company's goal is to educate our customers about the benefits of these systems and to provide exceptional service. 

We look forward to continuing this legacy of service.

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