If you have an emergency or an alarm is going off, please call or text 


Are you have issues with your system?

An on-site evaluation is typically the best place to start. If a repair is needed, the $75 evaluation fee will be a deposit towards the total repair cost!

Please look through our services for more details. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions about your system. 

  • Diagnose or problem solve your system on site.

    75 US dollars
  • Use Permit Inspection for a home sale or change in use.

    250 US dollars
  • A visual inspection of the interior of septic sewer pipelines.

    Starting at $150
  • Control Panels, Pumps & Float Switches

    Starting at $75
  • Bringing to surface or repairing lids and/or risers.

    Starting at $75
  • Valve Repairs, T Repairs, Observation Port Repairs, Custom Repairs.

    Starting at $75
  • Repair a section of line or replace the whole outdoor sewer line.

    Starting at $75
  • A maintenance program to keep your system healthy.

    Prices Vary